Monday, June 29, 2009

well that was surprisingly enjoyable

3 pieces of IKEA furniture + 9 hours of labor/rest= a new bedroom for my bff!

just got back from Lindsay's new apartment where we spent 9 HOURS building her new furniture pieces...I blame it entirely on her amazingly cool but complicated bed which took 5 hours. FIVE. But the bed is awesome. We fearlessly dealt with carpentry things like pistons and ratchets and a slat of wood that has no holes when it should have 3 pre-drilled holes (IKEA FAIL)

all in all a perfect Sunday...Chicago gay pride parade, a lil drinkin, assesmbling bedroom furniture, smoke breaks, pizza break, Daisy of Love break...soo lots of breaks?
*omfg Dasiy of Love news* LONDON'S BACK!!! yessss hope he wins

then Linds wore her best "Joker as a nurse in the Dark Knight" outfit and went off to start her first day of post-college work! congrats friend

1st pic: rocking I <3 Vagina buttons @ the pride parade...complete with kitty ears, beads, grey ant shades and cheetah tank!
2nd pic: Linds peeking through the lift-able bed frame!!
3rd pic: our very organized collection of tools and materials (it makes all the difference!)
4th pic: attaching all 16 wood slats on the bed, note the empty spot where the hole-less slat should be


Rumi August 26, 2009 at 2:54 AM  

yeahhh gotta love those ikea ladder frames! or whatever they're called.

and yeah hahahha colin's gonna be on the next gloss, send me over the email if you get a chance i want to show him!!


kirstyb January 22, 2010 at 9:02 AM  

i hate building furniture it makes me really angry! xocooc

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