Monday, February 15, 2010

let's try this again

After an 8 month(?!) break between my first blog entry and second blog entry, it's safe to say I failed. But this was never going to be an important, daily thing for me...just a place to post nice pictures and share whatever I feel necessary to share.

So here we go again

Browsing through the latest NYFW shows, I'm noticing how "springy" the fall/winter clothes have been. Or maybe that's just me projecting my impatience with spring should be coming soon right? no? it's still early February? FINE

but anyway...loved Erin Fetherston...she designs clothes I would want to wear if my life was one big lovely tea party. why is this not the case? I'm still not over the jeweled animal masks worn as fascinators in her FW09 show. And I maintain that they are a perfectly acceptable DIY project...I just need to get my head in the game (and locating a delicate, non-cartoon animal mask would help)

how cute are these??

Katy Perry knows what I'm talkin about

ANDuuuummmm yah know, EF just HAD to throw an owl mask in there, as if I wasn't sufficiently obsessed

Incidentally, this look fits in with a "bridal" post I've been considering...kind of as a belated tribute to McQueen since he designed my ultimate bridal gown :( rip

onnnnn to the point of this post

I don't think I could love that top any more...the type of lace is perfect, I love a good stripe, and the potential nip-slip situation isn't anything a nude cami can't handle

LOVE this color. springy right? I also feel compelled to get blunt, longer bangs. I dunno if I could pull that off tho...I dunno how I feel about those bang "extensions" that you just clip in the front of your head. If my bang envy continues to grow I might just have to check them out. Dammit

LOVING the velvet blazer in this shell pink/peachy unexpected. Does this not look like the spring version of the ubiquitous black velvet blazer everyone loves this winter? Did the designers get their seasons twisted? No matter, I need it. The pants in this same peachy velvet material? Not so sure
I love the icy greenish silver dress too

GLAM ROCK tea party!

I could wear this daily and be happy. Because it's black, which of course I love, but ethereal and delicate at the same time...and again, sweet 90's bangs
edit: MIGHT the models be wearing said clip-in bangs? this last set o' bangs looks a and shinier than the rest of her hair. if EF comes out with her own line of clip-in bangs I'll be horrified then order 2

I think that is all for now...gotta get up early
can't WAIT to attack NYFW beauty! the only con here is it will inevitably lead to a list of "must-have products"...not good for the bottom line

source: erinFW09, erinFW10


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