Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I'm probably years away from my ideal living situation...
but when that day comes, I'm going to create the perfect vanity, for all things beauty. My grandmother's antique vanity will probably come into play, even though this means I will have to move it out of my parent's house and I'm not exactly ready to go THERE

But when this finally happens, I'd like to have these pictures lining the walls. I found this great website with high quality scans and I literally spent half my night going through all the great pictures.

They're great inspiration and will never go out of style.
oh AND I wanna be wearing Audrey's sparkly silver shadow like now



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I'm Ainsleigh...I'm a 2nd year grad student who is becoming increasingly distracted by and invested in beauty and fashion. Hence, these garbled musings. (yeah! HENCE! house bunny anyone?)


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