Thursday, February 25, 2010

summer lovin

yeeeah about that whole "trying to live frugally, need to save for my travels to the middle east and europe in 1 year" idea? I already cheated. I quickly and inexplicably just bought this beauty of a dress by Anna Sui

Spring '09 RTW

well my purchase isn't completely inexplicable. first, just look at it. HOT right?? perfect for sunny summer days, perhaps a contender for Lolla '10?! second, it was 70% off on so I knew I had to move fast before it sold out. third, Anna is one of my favorite designers ever. It's all very hazy how I even acquired this, but I had a creepy angel/devil poster of hers on my wall throughout my adolescence. I figured it was high time I actually own a piece o' Sui. (see, I thought I already did own some Sui but it must have been an envious hallucination)

also, can we talk about how AMAZING theoutnet is?? In my morning browse I spotted the Sui dress which is now MY dress, a PS1 that had already sold out, sequiney Thakoon shorts!, and a stunning graphic McQ cardigan that has, not surprisinly, sold out as well.
You have to act fast but that adds to the excitment.
Thank you, theoutnet, for providing ready-to-wear I can actually afford. xoxo


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