Wednesday, March 10, 2010

good one, universe

Today turned out to be amazingly pleasant, both figuratively and literally. I was skeptical since my building's water was turned off for a span of hours, in an attempt to fix the water pressure. But that lasted for much less time than expected, so score. I like having Brita water to drink. But today was great...HELLO blue sky and 50 degree weather! Welcome back to northern Illinois, tis been a while

and then universe gave me a lil' wink by declaring my favorite word to be the word of the day!
fantastic. kind of an awkward glimpse into my computer habits...yes I keep a notepad document called 'baby names' I added Ingrid to the girl column. I was also reading this article about the latest Chanel show. Confused by the use of a frigging iceberg and copious amounts of faux fur...the planet is not fucking cooling Karl, just leave that to the experts.
speaking of things phantasmagorical, my best friend called this morning to tell me about her dream because I was in it. Her story reminded me that I had dreamt of black and white! Not surprising, we are besties

speaking of the universe, this may be the nerdiest video in existence but it's pretty fun...Neil deGrasse Tyson is a rockstar and has the coolest job ever


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