Tuesday, March 9, 2010

cost-benefit analysis

If it didn't cost approximately one-half of the "Winter 2011: Best Friends do the Middle East" trip we have in the works, this handbag joy would be happening

Chloe Medium Paraty in Curcma (aka turmeric, saffron, goldy goodness)

now, I'm slightly alarmed by the differences in shade. Neimans vs. Saks, who is closer? Don't get me wrong, I love almost any shade of yellow. My favorite piece of clothing in the WORLD right now is a Simply Vera cardigan in an antique gold shade

I also wouldn't mind this sunny delight (ha! mmm)
Proenza Schouler Medium PS1
I really love the 'Midnight' blue color the PS1 comes in as well, but yellow handbags seem so fresh and unexpected. I loved when Nicole Richie was glued to her yellow Balenciaga waay back in 2006-ish

Sadly in the end none of this matters because "Best Friends do the Middle East" requires saving up at least $4Gs, both beautiful bags are ~$2Gs, and my employment will most likely not provide for both *pouts*


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