Thursday, March 4, 2010

manic panic love strikes again I'm ambivalent about jumping on such a trendy, overexposed bandwagon. But the WhoWhatWear daily email sent me over the edge

I WANT LAVENDER HAIR SO BADLY! It's such a beautifully soft, unexpected color. The last time I Manic Panic-ed my hair was 5 or 6 years ago. I had a hot pink streak that peaked out of from my temple, a lil peek-a-boo strip. But now I want a substantial amount of lilac in my hair. I'm so jealous of blondies, they have it so much easier when it comes to pastel shades.

Like this hot bitch

GAGA LovelyLocks and the Pixietails

and this one

Kelly Osbourne looks freaking fantastic, bravo grrl

and of course princess proenza icy glare who started the ball rolling

I love it ALL

I'm thinking some bleach and either Manic Panic 'Lie Locks' or 'Mystic Heather' is in my near future.


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I'm Ainsleigh...I'm a 2nd year grad student who is becoming increasingly distracted by and invested in beauty and fashion. Hence, these garbled musings. (yeah! HENCE! house bunny anyone?)


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