Wednesday, March 3, 2010

{bounty} of the day

Just bought an entire garden's worth @ whole foods, plus some 'oatmeal' yarn to satisfy this knitting kick I've been on the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately there are plenty of cold days left in the season but fortunately, I'll have a kickin new neckwarmer/cowl to get me through


I came across this old pic from a beloved summer past...I love 1. D's BLINDINGLY white smile (jealous) 2. the 3 skin tones happening (I should be similar to J's tone but tanning and bronzer sometimes get the best of me) 3. Iowa City, I miss it so so much


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I'm Ainsleigh...I'm a 2nd year grad student who is becoming increasingly distracted by and invested in beauty and fashion. Hence, these garbled musings. (yeah! HENCE! house bunny anyone?)


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