Thursday, April 29, 2010


my 24th birthday was yesterday!
had delicious dinner AND dessert crepes @ iguana cafe (complete with real live iguana...I kept tabs on him throughout the meal to see how much he moved around. turns out, very little.)
I wore:

classic Christopher Kane x Topshop tunic, black leggings, black drapey f21 cardigan, Alice + Olivia x Payless black patent wedges

so to recap: I wore a tunic with a giant gaping alligator head, to a restaurant called the iguana cafe, and I'm ordering my friends to accompany me to the Lincoln Park Zoo for further celebrations...I think I love animals?

the dinner wasn't quite as raucous as this
birthday party
but close!
(I love you, Ellen von Unwerth!)

and I've already ordered the umbrella and heart spoons that were on my wishlist here
I can't wait to take a pic of the umbrella in action as a thank-you to my bro for providing the $$...I'll actually be looking forward to a rainy day!

oh and we're going to the soup box tonight as a bonus celebration!

thanks to everyone that made it a special day


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